A very special serving at Medium Rare

Medium Rare has been a steak lover’s destination for many years, and the restaurant is now launching a plethora of new dishes

By | Wed 12 Jul 2023


Medium Rare has been a steak lover’s destination for many years; its premium import cuts dry aged to tenderness before being cooked and served to juicy perfection.

While Medium Rare will always be known as a steak-foreword restaurant, its chef has been fine tuning the restaurant’s new menu, offering a plethora of new dishes brimming with the rich flavours of Medium Rare and made from only the best of produce.

The deep flavours of the melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek Bourguignon and beef tongue stew offer up hearty fares steeped in sauce and broth.

The squid ink ‘n’ octopus home made pasta is coated in the briny flavours of the squid ink pasta and brought to life with the slightly charred and succulent octopus.

Also make sure to try the grilled tentacle octopus where big chunks of meaty octopus is served with chimichurri sauce, wafting herbal aromas.

Then there is the mixed German sausage, a crowd favourite, which includes green pepper sausage, original bratwurst, debreziner pork sausage, thuringer roast bratwurst and kasekrainer. It is pretty much a feast for the whole family at Medium Rare.

Medium Rare
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