A New Destination in Nimmanhaemin: Buon Gusto combines the flavours of Italian cuisine and southern Thai curry paste.

"buon gusto" means good taste, the exact concept behind a new eatery in Nimmanhaemin with a unique identity

By | Tue 24 May 2022


The Italian term “buon gusto” means good taste, the exact concept behind a new eatery in Nimmanhaemin with a unique identity. Using only high-quality ingredients prepared in a specific way, delicately cooked and focusing on creating exceptional flavors makes every dish on the Buon Gusto menu remarkable.

The people behind this centre of deliciousness are Chadatoch Chanthanaphan, who comes from southern Thailand and is known as Khun Nun, and her life-partner Alberto Cosi, an Italian professional photographer. Having fallen in love, they decided to start a business together that captures Khun Nun’s extensive experience in the food industry and Alberto’s love of photography and art.

Buon Gusto is deliberately designed to be a small restaurant in a homemade style that creates an intimate atmosphere for diners. The restaurant has only fourteen seats and the walls feature Alberto’s artwork. Located in Soi Suk Kasame, the location, the atmosphere, the art, the intimacy suggest a secret restaurant with delicious dishes just waiting to be discovered and introduce southern Thai cooking to a broader audience.

With organic ingredients ordered from local Thai farmers, Buon Gusto’s cuisine is a Thai / Italian fusion featuring the taste of a southern Thai curry paste, a secret family recipe Khun Nun inherited from her grandparents. Unique in Chiang Mai, Buon Gusto is a culinary playground that allows Khun Nun to extend the menu into pleasurable and savory dishes to bring a new experience to Chiang Mai foodies.

For example, a pasta dish that features stir-fried pork using Khun Nun’s southern curry paste to make Kua Kling, which is then combined with spicy northern sausage partly as a filling, the whole stir-fried with angel-hair pasta. The aroma of herbs and spices heralds a taste rich in flavour.

Or pasta with salted egg and soft shell crab, a fusion dish of note. The combination of organic duck egg saltiness, the crispy soft shell crab and the delicacy of the squid ink pasta is a dish you will want to have again and again.

Honey pork roasted ribs served with jasmine rice is another must-try, the tender ribs bathing in a just perfect sweet sauce. Or Moo Hong southern-style pork stew, cooked for hours so that the meat just melts in your mouth. Or southern Sour Curry, whose ingredients change according to the season. And Khun Nun’s secret curry paste brings a new dimension to Massaman Curry, producing an exceptional dish.

Appetizers are not forgotten, with one of the favourites being french-fries accompanied by four restaurant-created special dips. Flavours include salted egg, truffle, purple potato and curry mayo.

Buon Gusto is undoubtedly a place that has to be experienced.

3/6 Suk Kasame Rd, Su Thep, Muang, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 11.30pm – 9pm (Kitchen closed at 8pm, closed on Mondays)
Tel. 081-603-8024, 081-490-9444
Facebook page : Buon Gusto Restaurant