Unlocking New Horizons in Global Trade: The 2023 Cross Border Summit in Chiang Mai – A Gateway to E-Commerce Excellence

Explore the 2023 Cross Border Summit in Chiang Mai: Key insights from top Amazon sellers, innovative e-commerce strategies, and networking opportunities in the expanding world of global trade.

By | Fri 17 Nov 2023

Billions of dollars are traded on multiple online platforms every year and, “As the year 2023 unfolds, borders around the world are slowly reopening, signaling a new era of global connectivity and opportunities for international business. The theme of ‘Open Borders, New Beginnings’ embodies the spirit of this new chapter, where people and companies alike can connect, collaborate, and innovate across borders”, according to Michael Michelini, organiser of the event and American expatriate who lives here in Chiang Mai.

Michelini, who spent many years in China exporting giftware, kitchenware and barware, founded the Cross Border Summit in China. Having moved his family to Chiang Mai in 2018, and seeing how the post pandemic world has affected trade with China, he decided to hold the annual event here in his new home this year for the first time. 

According to Michelini, who has published over 400 podcasts on cross order trade, with a special expertise on China, attendees to the summit – limited to only 100 people – will be able to meet some of the biggest seven-figure earners on Amazon as well well as many special guest speakers who will be talking about launching products, explaining rankings, giving insights into branding and marketing as well as discussing and offering advice and insight on a slew of other important subjects for those wishing to not just enter the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of the e-commerce market, but businesses hoping to expand their reach and product lines.

“When Covid hit, I had so many people reach out to me from around the world about how e-commerce trade from China and the East would change and evolve. There were many questions and concerns,” explained Michellini. “With the trade war already in full swing pre-Covid, I was already looking towards Thailand, so it makes sense to hold our first international event outside China right here in Chiang Mai, a city which already has many people successfully working in this industry. And one so attractive to international visitors. Our attendees will mainly be people who buy in Asia and Australia, selling to the West.”

“This is a high impact event, with speakers from Alibaba, Thailand Amazon, clothing companies and many high value businesses owners who will be on hand and networking throughout the summit. Attendees will get to meet these speakers, many of whom are regular returnees to our summits. Many of our tactics and hacks will effectively help businesses increase sales by 25-50%.”

There will be a mastermind event for VIPs which will include market tours, factory visits, trips to Ban Tawai and such special insight excursions.

If you aren’t a business owner but are curious nonetheless, then the summit’s expo is open to the public and would offer a great chance for those dipping their toes into the industry, or the general curious-minded public can simply stop by and visit any of the e-vendor, product and service provider booths to help get new product ideas, connect to new business opportunities or learn of exciting new services. There will also be food stalls, drinks and lots of prizes to be won in the raffle.

“The theme is ‘Open Borders… New Beginnings’ and will focus on overcoming the damage caused by the pandemic and how thrive now that it is over,” continued Michelini. “A lot of investment came in during Covid, with many people buying and selling their businesses. This is the time many companies, new and old, are restructuring, expanding and changing how they operate. People here in Southeast Asia have been doing particularly well with e-commerce and Thailand has a good reputation in terms of its suppliers and factories. So we want to help entrepreneurs to be able to work with these suppliers to build a successful business into this new world.”

Michelini says many working in this e-commerce industry have had concerns about the growing tensions with China and it is therefore important to diversify, pointing out that Chiang Mai and Thailand are very attractive to investors. “We call it the China Plus One strategy – you buy in China…but you have a backup.”

“Thailand has a natural advantage as it is known for its efforts in sustainability, in providing quality natural and health products and these are all very relevant in the post-pandemic world. So, these are avenues where Thailand can get an edge as Thailand is more trusted by global customers. It is great branding.”

“The Fifth Cross Border Summit is back and its time to up your e-commerce game,” according to summit attendee and emcee Ash Pemberton, Founder of OverNight Design. “Build your global enterprise and get smart with how you do business across the globe. Get industry insights and practical advice from top eight figure sellers out of China. Dive into advanced strategies for Amazon FBA and talk about how to increase your conversion rates and drive traffic from PPC. There will be hot topics like Blockchain tech, AI, Facebook and TikTok advertising and you will come away from this event knowing exactly how to improve your supply chain and up your marketing and advertising game. It is two full days of speakers with opportunities for networking.”

One of Chiang Mai’s great online successes is social enterprise SuperBee, who has sold millions of dollars of their products online. Owner, Antoinette Jackson, will also be a speaker at the summit and says, “I am very excited to be participating in this event. I feel quite honored because I know it’s being organised by Mike who is a really great community builder and a very inspiring person. I really don’t know what to expect actually. I can’t wait to meet everyone who is going and I’m very privileged to be able to share the story of SuperBee from a startup seven years ago and its sustainable growth journey. I will be sharing how we balance profit and purpose and about our recent B Corp certification. And hopefully the attendees at the conference will stay an extra week to enjoy the Citylife Garden Fair, who have supported us for many years in our local sales.

Here are just some of the topics which will be delved into at the upcoming summit. 

Amazon FBA Ranking, PPC, and Growth

Advanced topics from experts giving you the latest tactics and hacks on growing your business on Amazon FBA. Growing New Sales Channels (Retail, D2C Direct, & More) Hear from experts in crowdfunding, retail distribution, and more unique channels on what they are doing to grow sales and distribution.

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Seller Case Studies & Inspiration
Be inspired by top 7, 8 figure Amazon and e-commerce sellers who have re-adjusted during Covid-19 to come out on top. Learn the changes and adaptations needed to succeed.
For Businesses & Ventures Exploring Southeast Asia Markets
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