Muang Khong, the latest hot spot

Chiang Mai’s Muang Khong attracts the nature loving campers

By | Tue 5 Jan 2021

Getting out of town is appealing to more and more people these days as fear of the virus persists, even amplifies with the latest surge across Thailand.

Muang Khong, the far lesser known little town/big village which sits behind Chiang Dao has seen a rise in tourism this winter, as campers head there to pitch their tents and enjoy the scenery.

Tents are set up along the banks of the Khong River as grateful locals pedal wares and edibles, turning the Friendship Bridge, into a popular check-in spot.

Stroll along the bridge and grab a bag of meatballs in spicy dip, a quick bowl of kanom cheen or some grilled meats to go with steaming hot sticky rice, or pop open a cold beer and sip to the sunset while watching farmers head home for the day with their buffalos in tow.

A short hour and a half drive or so from Chiang Mai city will have you at this charming town.

Don’t forget to BYOT (bring your own tent) or if you want some comfort, stay at our favourite resort, Chiang Dao Nest, just up the road.