LINE Mobile Sim: the easiest SIM for expats in Thailand

"There’s now a new SIM by LINE Mobile that allows you to get high-speed internet through a super simple online process, at a great price, and it’s all in English! "

By | Fri 2 Feb 2018

As an expat moving to Thailand, there are a few things that are a priority to sort out. From a place to stay, to transport, to visas, it can be a minefield of forms, misinformation and photocopies. However, staying connected is probably one of the most important thing to get sorted quickly. Free Wi-Fi at cafes and co-workings spaces are great, but after a while not very convenient, and sometimes long term packages for home internet or mobile phone data can be difficult to commit to if you are new in town. There’s now a new SIM by LINE Mobile that allows you to get high-speed internet through a super simple online process, at a great price, and it’s all in English! But first, what’s LINE?

For non-Asian expats, the LINE messaging app maybe unfamiliar but it is the largest messaging app in all of Southeast Asia and is a key component to many businesses in Thailand. From talking with customers to negotiating deals with clients, almost all of your day to day dealings with people in Thailand happen over LINE. It’s the go-to app for locals and is perfect for conducting business, talking with friends, video calling family and catching up with that cute someone you met at the party last night.

Luckily for expats however, LINE is much more than just a messaging app. LINE Mobile is a sim provider that offers some really great competitive rates for mobile data, perfect for those on the go. Why have the hassle of going to busy mobile phone shops in the shopping malls with long and complicated signups and confusing contracts and forms when you don’t have to. Today, we are already all connected so just visit, and sign up to LINE Mobile for a quick and easy solution that ticks one must-do off your list. This sim-only carrier is a quick and simple option that offers no long term contracts, cheaper prices than any of the competition and a load of added extras like free use of LINE messenger, LINE TV and LINE NEWS without using any data, and get unlimited free SMS for life.

Whether it is talking business or video calling your family at home, the whole process is free if you use LINE messenger app. Learn about what’s going on in Thailand using the LINE NEWS page and get involved with some of the best TV Thailand has to offer via the LINE TV app, which not only streams in full HD but also uses absolutely none of your data. LINE even offers a translation app that synchronises with the chat app, offering you seamless translations between dozens of languages.

As an expat in a new country, getting involved with the local community is really important. Tens of thousands of businesses have official LINE accounts where you can connect directly with shop owners, manufacturers, media companies, universities, service providers (such as internet and electricity), public services (such as police and rescue) and online businesses. You can even connect with official accounts of celebrities if you so wish, and of course the LINE Mobile account too where you can deal directly with a support team whenever you need. That’s not to mention the millions of personal users across the country from that friendly pad Thai lady from down the street to CEOs from the top businesses in Thailand.

The process is simple. Just visit and choose a package. With prices as low as 299 baht a month for the XS package (with the current promotion you can pay just 179 baht a month for the S package for 12 billing cycles) that offers 1.5gb or data and 100 calling minutes all the way up to the unlimited packages. The great thing about LINE MOBILE is that whatever package you choose, if you feel you need more data or you are using less than you pay for, you can simply adjust your package up or down at any time from the LINE MOBILE app. Boost your data and upgrade to package L with 20gb of data and 300 calling minutes, or pay 1,999 baht per month (999 baht for 12 billing cycles if you sign up today) for truly unlimited data and calls! You can also pay just 60 baht and get another 1gb of data whenever you want and you can even turn high-speed data (up to 100MB) on or off, giving you full control in managing your internet usage while always having connectivity online. Their Out-of-Plan charge control also gives you full command of your account, ensuring you are not hit by any hidden costs or overpriced bills at the end of the month.

After you have chosen one of the packages, all you need to do is choose a nice looking phone number (in Thailand a phone number can be very lucky if you have the right digits), send a photo of your ID, input your credit card details and away you go. In no time at all you’ll have a sim card at your door which is ready to go with no additional set up required.

The best thing is that if you find in six months you need to move for work or return home for some time, you can contact the LINE Mobile support team (via the LINE Mobile app or their website) and temporarily turn off payments until you are back in the country, keep it on by purchasing roaming (with very competitive prices) or end your contract with no fines or additional fees.

LINE MOBILE gives you one less thing to stress over. And with everything done right within the app or on the website, so you never need to worry about traversing the city streets avoiding the fumes and the hot sun to change your package ever again.