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A Chiang Mai company has innovated a new type of soap which it says is great not just for your body but for the environment.

By | Mon 11 Oct 2021


A Chiang Mai company has innovated a new type of soap which it says is great not just for your body but for the environment. Mone soaps are infused with minerals and local herbs, made from an innovative process which has virtually no impact on the environment while saturating the skin with moisture. Since the successful launch of Mone soaps, Mone Marketing (Thailand) has spent the pandemic developing a slew of other products focused on drawing the best from minerals and herbs into the body.

O-mon is the latest product from the company which has taken the Mone soap concept to another level. By extracting nutrients from minerals, O-mon is a water-based organic fertiliser which draws up to 15 important nutrients from minerals and herbs to feed hungry plants.

Not only that, herbs which are well known for acting as natural insecticides such as lemongrass and caraway, are extracted and added to organic fertiliser, already having achieved positive feedback from farmers planting oranges, mangos and Arabica coffee in Wieng Haeng District of Chiang Mai. Farmers who use O-mon have confirmed that coffee beans from plants using O-mon are distinctively larger in size than normal.

The company has also launched the Buffollow brand Cascara tea, made from coffee shell extract which is sugar-free and draws sweetness instead from the plant, a refreshing drink which research has proven helps reduce antitoxins, slows down symptoms of Alzheimer’s and helps with insomnia.

In a bid to work as efficiently as possible to create as little impact to the environment as they can, Mone also uses sub-par coffee beans as ingredients in making body scrubs, in line with Mone’s zero waste policy.

Mone’s green products are all natural and chemical-free, the company following the BCG Economy policy laid down by the current government which focuses on bio economy, circular economy and green economy.

Mone’s mission is to use local products such as herbs and minerals and add value to them in an innovative way. All packaging is recycled and is designed for low to no impact.

Mone has received multiple awards and recognitions for its environmentally responsible products such as the PM Export Award 2020. Recently Mone’s Cascara tea has received five stars as one of Chiang Mai’s top OTOP products.

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