Our Royal Projects

Visit some of the great Royal Project stations throughout the north to take in some of the legacies of our Great King.

By | Thu 1 Dec 2016

Visit some of the great Royal Project stations throughout the north to take in some of the legacies of our king.

1. The Khun Wang Royal Project
Relax and take in the beautiful Himalayan cherry blossom over the winter months, visit fields of red rhododendrons, and learn about the life of the Hmong and Karan villages.

Mae Win Sub-district, Mae Wang
108 Highway Chiang Mai – Hod Road, turn right to 1009 Highway at crossroad of Doi Inthanon, go straight to Ban Khun Wang, The Khun Wang Royal Project is on the right.
Tel. 053 939 102, 085 717 0399

2. Huai Siew Royal Project
Visit vegetable gardens, gaze at fruit trees and learn the way of traditional Hmong garden life at this agri-toruisim hotspot.

Ban Huai Siew, Ban Pong Sub-district, Hang Dong
Tel. 053 248 425, 089 850 6586

3. Mae Sapok Royal Project
Who knew the royal projects had their own bamboo rafting and elephant tourism! The area is packed with waterfalls and cultural tourism too so plan to get wet and educated at the same time.
Moo 5 Mae Win Sub-district, Mae Wang
Tel. 053 318 322, 085 716 3134

4. Nong Hoi Royal Project
Just north of the city in the Mae Rim area, this 21 square kilometre area is covered in herb gardens, hydroponic farms and organic orchards. At the projects you can buy fresh seasonal produce picked that very day. Also the views are lush.

Mae Ram Sub-district, Mae Rim
Take Highway No.107 (Chiang Mai – Fang) through Mae Rim to the 17km marker, turn left onto Highway 1096 (Mae Rim – Samoeng) and travel 15km to the Ban Pong Yang area
Tel. 081 950 9767, 083 324 0610

5. Mon Ngo Royal Project
Deep in the Mae Tang National Forest sits the Mon Ngo Royal Project. Less known than others, it is full of tea and local forest produce. Take photos of the sun rising through the canopy while you learn how to brew traditional teas.

Muang Kai Sub-district, Mae Taeng
From Chiang Mai city, take Highway No. 107 (Chiang Mai – Fang) then join Highway 1905, after about 12km take a right to Mon Ngo.
Tel. 081 025 1002, 053 318 308
Facebook: royalprojectmonngo

6. The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang
Amazing winter views, with high viewpoints looking out towards a misty hillscape. Enjoy bike riding, horse riding, bird watching and nature trails galore. A perfect Thai winter trip.

Moo 5 Mae Ngon, Fang
Tel. 053 969 489, 053 969 476-78 ext. 114,
Facebook: AngkhangRoyalAgriculturalStation

7. The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon
This one you may know as it’s the hightest point in all of Thailand. Thanks to its high altitude it is cold, humid, and some winter mornings you may even be treated to some frost!

202 Moo 7 Ban Luang Sub-district, Jomthong
Tel. 053 286 777, 053 286 778