As the heat rises, take an icy bath

By | Fri 3 Mar 2023

Powered by Sleepfall, the S8 ice bath experience is as educational as it is bone chilling and will leave you feeling revitalised in mind and body!

Situated on a gorgeous green rooftop opposite the Maya Mall shopping centre, visitors will be put into groups of seven, so you won’t be conquering the ice alone! This goes a long way in creating a fun and social environment as you get to know the members of your team before you take the plunge into the ice.

Sessions will be by Sleepfall’s very own Jason ‘Ice Man’ Ryer who, as his nickname might suggest, has been experimenting with the benefits of cryotherapy for years. As you perch onto the edge of your custom-built ice bath, he will take you through these benefits, which include increased energy, a stronger immune system and enhanced muscle and joint recovery. 

It is now time for you and your team to submerge into the ice. For the next three minutes you will feel every emotion under the sun as your body floods with adrenaline from the shock of being in 0 degree temperatures. It is important here to control your breathing, as Jason will instruct you on how to do so properly, but equally important to express yourself, whether that’s yelling the odd swear word or just having a moment with your mind.

Step out of the ice bath feeling refreshed, revitalised and cold! From here, you can warm up by soaking up the sun or with a bowl of complimentary bone broth. The S8 ice bath experience runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11am and 2pm, starting at 350 baht per session and provides a great space to meet likeminded people, which you will leave feeling 1 million baht!

Where to find Sleepfall & S8:

Address: 191 Huay Kaew Rd (3rd Floor)



To book your slot:

What to bring:

Swimsuit, Sandals/Flip Flops, Towel *Optional – towels are provided*, Sunscreen.