Setthasiri Ruamchok to reveal air pollution-free Modern Classic homes

By | Sun 17 Mar 2024

Sansiri, one of Thailand’s premier property developers, has announced that it will be revealing, during a 23rd-24th March open house, their new innovative PM2.5 free homes featuring fabulous views of Doi Suthep, starting at the 20-35 million baht range.

Each of the 84 standalone two storey homes is fitted with Sansiri’s premier technology, from built in air filtration systems to green technology including solar panels and EV chargers. Sansiri’s renowned LIV-24 hour security infrastructure is also implemented throughout the 29 rai property, discreetly securing all 84 homes on the estate.

Communal facilities and services include a club house and pool, a children’s pool, a community garden and vegetable patch, a co-working space and a lovely garden back yard (Sansiri Backyard).

Set in the bustling commercial district of Ruamchok, Setthasiri Ruamchok’s beautiful Modern Classic homes are open and ready to welcome you for a visit…or for life.

To receive special privileges, make sure you register here  and visit the open house on 23rd and 24th March.

Remark :  Conditions are determined by the Company.
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