Main Dish: Avocado Dish at Holiday Inn Chiang Mai

Always use seasonal produce is the maxim of many a chef. The Holiday Inn's Sakorn Deeying has followed that to the letter with this cracking avocado dish.

By | Fri 18 May 2018


Avocado Dish at Holiday Inn Chiang Mai

Chefs fascinate us all with their creativity and skills, hence the plethora of TV programmes and magazines such as ours featuring chefs’ creations.

Chef Sakorn Deeying of Holiday Inn Chiang Mai picked the popular avocado out of a hat as the main ingredient for this anniversary issue’s creative challenge, and he has not disappointed! He has created a classic Thai dish, the yum, or spicy salad, infused with all the herbs and spices we know and love, but using avocado as its main ingredient alongside prawns.
“Last year we created a signature avocado tower which is very popular, so it felt fitting for us to have picked the avocado for our challenge, as we had so many ideas of what more we could do with it” said Chef Sakorn.

As the hotel has been working towards featuring Thai cuisine as a spring board to international cuisine, this new dish fits the bill completely. The avocado is finely diced and tossed in with a mixture of lemongrass, kaffir lime, mint, fresh chillis, palm sugar, lime and shallots. Fresh prawns are added, making for a tasty, filling, healthy and unique dish. And if you too can’t have enough of avocados, leave space for the avocado cheesecake!


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