Pakpoom ‘Ton’ Towatcharakun – Chiang Mai’s only professional sommelier

Pakpoom is Chiang Mai's only working professional sommelier. She oversees the wine lists at thee Shangri-La.

By | Wed 14 Nov 2018

Pakpoom ‘Ton’ Towatcharakun,
The Professional Sommelier at Shangri-La Chiang Mai

Wine is something different to so many people. For some it is a means to a tipsy end, to others it is a way of life, some elevate it to an art form while a few collect it as an investment. But for all of us who love wine, there are few who dedicate themselves to fully to the nectar as a sommelier.

Chiang Mai has only one working professional sommelier, and that is Pakpoom ‘Ton’ Towatcharakun who works at the Shangri-La Chiang Mai, with a mission to help all wine lovers find the perfect glass or bottle for their palates.
Having won the Golden Award of the Italian Wine Sommelier Competition, Ton brings his expertise and years’ of experience to the hotel.

At Dhala Wine Lounge, you can sample any of the over 80 labels of wines from all world regions, both new and old. Ton will be on hand to discuss what he loves talking about most, and there is a special deal of 488++ per person where you can enjoy two glasses of curated wines by Ton along with some tapas.
Under the guidance of Ton, Shangri-La Chiang Mai will be hosting numerous wine tasting events as well as wine pairing with guest Michelin starred chefs throughout 2019.

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