K-Home: Chiang Mai’s local construction company

K-Home, a community based local house and condo construction company specialising in unique projects based on their clients needs.

By | Mon 4 Jul 2016

Managing Director Kriangkri Maiprasert is a Chiang Mai man at heart. He has invested his own personality and community spirit into his unique business that is K-Home, a community based local house and condo construction company that specialises in unique construction projects based on the dreams and visions of their clients.

“We were the first ever local company to offer the entire package – building, designing, decorating, advising, trading and presenting unique buildings in Chiang Mai,” explained Kriangkri as he talked about how the company he began some 16 years ago has now become one of the leading construction companies based in Chiang Mai.

“We pride ourselves on high quality, in both design and construction materials, not to mention our dedicated service to customers – a vision I had early on and one which I believe has helped us become what we are today.”

Kriangkri compares construction and architecture to that of a car garage. “There are two types of garages you can visit if your car needs fixing. You can either go to your local uncle in the village, who is cheap but will tell you that the car is old, then change some components and fail to explain details as to why he did it…a few weeks later, the problem returns. Or you can take your car to the official dealer’s garage where they will explain each and every problem and detail as to what exactly needs to be done.” He goes on to draw the comparison that although K-Home is targeting middle to higher level budgets, starting at two million baht, they are the dealer’s garage of the construction world – ensuring that their customers know exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it, what components are being used, while still offering guaranteed professionalism and quality throughout the constructing process.

Khome2 “I truly believe we should always put the right man on the right job,” said Kriangkri, who takes the time to educate and develop his service team of 20 in a range of skills and designs by keeping up with the latest trends and discovering new techniques and materials in construction in order to ensure the best of the best can be provided to each and every customer, regardless of their requests.

From more humble home construction, K-Home soon separated into two departments as the company grew and took on larger projects. It was during this separation that K-Home Assets Company was born, a part of the K-Home family that specifically deals with larger construction projects that produces a set of assets which are individually sold. Their most famous project to date was the Benefit Condominium which, when finished, had eight stories of over 70 units to sell – all of which were sold within the first year. Something of a record for K-Home.

“The truth is, we don’t have many competitors in Chiang Mai,” added Kriangkri who explained that even now, most construction in the north is still managed by companies based in Bangkok. “I can admit that Bangkok companies have a lot more experience and access to the most modern designs and materials which I sometimes find hard to quickly find, but what they lack is local understanding and a respect for the city they are building in.”

In fact, a large number of K-Home customers are walk-ins – locals who have a budget, a dream and some land and are ready to invest in designing and building something unique just for them. “What we do is arrange meetings and discussions with our architects and designers who help create something that is appropriate for the customers. Something that is both realistic but still follows the dreams of the homeowner,” said Kriangkri as he explained how his team of experts ask about things few other companies consider, such as hobbies, lifestyle, and interests that help formulate a design that is both practical and in theme with who the client is as a person. “We must remember that no home or condominium can be 100% perfect. We work with reality rather than blindly follow dreams. But saying that, we do ensure that what we build comes as close as it can to those dreams each and every time.”

Kriangkri revealed that the K-Home company is considering yet another venture; expanding their business to cover the purchase and sale of land, hotels and second hand homes too. “We are much more than a construction company,” he continued. “We know this city well and we should use our expertise to help create realistic deals with locals to build up trust and confidence in what we can achieve as a company.”

Although working in the industry for over 16 years, Kriangkri admits that he still doesn’t know everything. “I always enjoy the chance to share ideas and information with other people in the industry. I am still learning and I enjoy it very much.”

“I feel very humble and proud of what I have achieved,” Kriangkri concluded. “Some of our customers have visited me personally and given me great big hugs or even invited our whole staff to the house warming party as they are so pleased with what we have helped realise for them.” It is clear that for Kriangkri, it is the attention to detail and love for the industry that has lead him to become a proud owner of one of the best, most well-known, and uniquely local construction companies in all of Chiang Mai. K-Home strives to turn dreams into realities so they can create something truly special for each and every client that walks through its doors.