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Thailand’s Biggest Music Export: Nakadia

This month I’m going to look slightly outside the borders of the North and look at one of the biggest success stories to come out of this country. As the electronic scene here grows, so too have local talents that are starting to see recognition on a worldwide scale.

Born in the Issan Province, Nakadia grew up as a farmer’s daughter with modest means. When she was older, she had made well for herself and got invited to do a modeling gig in Germany. It was there that she first heard electronic music and experienced the vibrant Berlin nightlife. From this moment on she knew she had to be a DJ and share this love of music with others.

Taken from Nakadia's Facebook page
Taken from Nakadia’s Facebook page

After returning to Thailand she set up camp on Koh Samui, and became a hit with local full moon parties and other events on the island. Without much of a culture to draw inspiration from other than a few DJ’s playing to European tourists, she was left to her own devices to develop her sound.

Her sound developed in a big way. By 2005, she had played over 50 gigs in 12 countries, utilizing Deep House, Techno, and Tech House to move dance floors everywhere she went. After this success she was asked to come play at ANTS Ibiza, one of the biggest parties on the island capital of clubbing.

Now Nakadia is based in Berlin where she continues a relentless touring schedule all over the world. Her schedule in her early career made it very difficult for her to find studio time for her own production, however, in recent years she has put out several club hits like “Manama Dragon”, “Never”, and “Arai Wa”.

This past year marked a big moment for Nakadia’s career as she hosted none other than the legend himself, Sven Väth. This show was held at Nakadia’s home base on Samui, Cha Cha Moon Bar. Hosting such a legendary DJ here in Thailand surely means good things for the local scene. A month later, Nakadia and Sven reunited in Bangkok for the Kolour in the Park event, a Bangkok-based party that has also been forwarding the scene in the capital.

Nakadia still can be seen here in Thailand from time to time. Her busy touring schedule takes her all around the world and she frequently drops into Glow night club in Bangkok to share a set in Bangkok’s retreats for underground music lovers.

We can only hope that Nakadia is not the end. I hope the scene continues to grow here in Thailand as it has the past 15 years. and That artists here will take more chances and develop their own sound. I also hope that Chiang Mai can soon come into the fold of the underground scene that is flourishing in other parts of the country like Koh Samui, Chon Buri, and Bangkok. Who knows, as Chiang Mai continues to grow so too will it’s sensibilities and maybe we can host the girl from Issan who made her dreams come true.