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OPTIONS FOR THE LITTLE ONES: English Nurseries and Kindergartens in Chiang Mai

June, 2009.


Bilingual Schools


Little Stars

Little Stars has classes from preschool to K2, ages for one and a half to five year olds based on mixed curriculum with all native speaking teachers. Tuition is 29,000B/term for under three and 27,500B/term for above three with a one time enrolment fee of 4,500B.
31 Soi 13 Sirimangkalajan Road
Tel: 053 222145
[email protected]

Ambassador Bilingual School

Three kindergarten classes are available for children 2 – 5 years old. Class size is from 20-25 children. Tuition is 27,500B/term for the full day, or 22,500 for half days. There is a one time entrance fee of 10,000B. Curriculum is based on the California state standards and Thai government requirements.
222 Moo 2, T. Nong Pherng
Tel: 053 308935 081 9506659
[email protected]

Genius Nursery

One of the only options for childcare on the weekends accepts 3 months – 4 year olds and provide bilingual curriculum. Free monthly health check and free accident insurance is included in the tuition costs which are 3,500B/month, 15,000B/term, or 200B/day with a 1,500B entrance fee.
81/2 Moo 2, Faham.
Tel: 053 246661, 086 4302435
[email protected]

Wichai Wittaya Bilingual School

Have been providing bilingual education for 12 years and have gained a good reputation. Using both Thai and mixed international curriculum, their kindergarten programme for 3 year olds and up, is 2500B/term with classes always under 25 students.
264/1 Changklan Road
Tel: 053 274468, 053 205146
[email protected]

Varee School Chiang Mai

Varee is well known for their bilingual program but they also have a full English programme with both Pre-Kindergarten for 2 year olds and Kindergarten for 3 – 6 year olds. Although they use Thai curriculum all lessons are taught in English by a native speaker qualified to teach the specific subject.
59 Moo 6 Mahidol Road
Tel: 053 140232
[email protected],


International Schools


American Pacific International School Kindergarten

APIS’ options start with Pre-Nursery, for children one and a half, continuing to Nursery and three levels of Kindergarten which follow the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBO PYP). Class size is limited to twenty children with tuition fees at 128,500 – 148,000B/year depending on level with a 3,000B application fee and an entrance fee of 40,000B.
158/1 Moo 3 Hang Dong-Samoeng Rd.
Tel: 053 365303-5
[email protected]

Prem Tinsualonda

Prem has many options for your little ones all of which follow the IB Primary Years Programme. Pre-Kindergarten for 2 – 3 year olds has the option of half days or full days with prices ranging from 20,000B/term for the two half days up to 36,000B/term for four full days a week. They currently have a total of 13 children in this group. There are three levels of kindergarten for children 3 – 6 at 61,565B/term. Currently there are about 13 or 14 children in each class.
234 Moo 3 Tambol Huay Sai, Mae Rim
Tel: 053 301500
[email protected]

Grace International School

Grace offers a half day kindergarten programme for 5 & 6 year olds with ‘biblically based Christian worldview utilising professional instructional methods’. Currently there are 16 kids in this programme and tuition is 82,000B/year.
178/832 M. 7 Chiang Mai-Hod Road
Tel: O53 131175
[email protected]

The Chiang Mai Christian German School

The only German school in Chiang Mai, is based on German curriculum, accepts 3 – 6 year olds; they currently have 17 kids in the class, tuition is 50,000B/year with a 6,000B registration cost.
P.O. Box 12 Chiang Mai 50140
Tel: 053 816624
[email protected]

Hana Christian International Kindergarten

Hana has both nursery, 1 – 3 year olds, and kindergarten, 3 – 5 year olds. They follow the certified standard High-Reach curriculum, which is used by many private schools in the United States and keep their classes under 20 kids. Please contact them for tuition costs as they depend on age and requirements.
34/2 Moo 12 T. Nongkwai
Tel: 053 125246, 053 125247
[email protected]

Napa Kindergarten (Nakornpayap International School)

NIS has also has pre-kindergarten and kindergarten for 2 – 6 year olds. Curriculum is based on the US accredited, fully English-medium NIS curriculum with some modifications to suit the needs of Thai and international children.
Moo 6 T. San Phi Suea
Tel: 053 110935
[email protected]

Lanna International School

Lanna has many different levels of kindergarten and pre kindergarten based on the British curriculum. Their nursery takes children from aged three, sometimes younger by arrangement with the school, and keeps their class sizes small. These levels are 45,000B/term with a one time registration fee of 12,000B.
300 Grandview Moo 10,
Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road,
Tel: 053 806230 053 806231
[email protected]

Chiang Mai International School

Based on American teaching standards curriculum, their kindergarten class is for 5 – 6 year olds; currently 22 students have been selected for kindergarten next year, which will be divided into two classes. Tuition rates are varied depending on the financial status of the applicant. Sponsored rate for kindergarten is 250,000B/year, whereas the non-sponsored rate is 141,000B. There is a one-time new student enrolment fee of 65,000B and a 2,000B application fee.
13 Chetupon Road.
Tel: 053 306152, 053 306234
[email protected],