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Miracles of Tricks

Artist Oracle A has recently opened his multimedia exhibition, Miracles of Tricks, at Sangdee Gallery on Sirimankalajarn Road.

This artist photographer, from London, is now Thailand based and has produced a series of surreal prints of multimedia and dimensions. A clothing designer, light photography and pyrotechnics aficionado, Oracle A (aka Andrew Stuart) aspires to work in all forms of art such as furniture, company logos, fabrics and many more.

“I have always been creative will all the things I have done, the past few years I have found myself consistently coming back to using art forms and have managed to develop methods of producing  one of a kind original and beautiful images that cannot be recreated,” he told Citylife at the recent opening of his exhibition which will continue until November.

“As a child I used to love drawing at home, I would always attempt to draw something beautiful inspiring and or that had not been seen before, having reached that point I create these through visions in my mind and finding ways to produce them either physically or digitally. I feel extremely strongly about every image or clothing I create and will continue to push forward so that the entire world may experience my works in all its glory.”