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Main Dish: White Bar Shabu


White Bar Shabu

While we Thais love to share our food, dietary requirements often means that one pot can not be enjoyed by all. That’s why White Bar Shabu has come up with a novel idea to introduce individual pots for those who may have allergies or dietary preferences.

Go a la carte or buffet for only 139 baht which comes with a choice of pork, chicken, tofu, beef, seafood or mixed.

“I love shabu shabu,” said Pirasingh ‘Tan’ Jiachanont, who owns the restaurant with his wife Supaphonr ‘Im’ Jiachanont. “I have spent many moons eating at various shabu shabu restaurants in Chiang Mai and have studied the dish seriously through many media. I decided to make a few changes to the classic experience by elevating the marble bar so it is more like a western bar counter, adding low hanging lights and brick walls for a warm and social dining experience.”

“Sometimes we don’t have a gang of friends to go out with, but we still fancy a hot pot,” he explained, “This individual pot experience allows individuals to come alone and have a quick meal, or even mingle and meet new people.”

The restaurant doesn’t use MSG and focuses on the quality and freshness of all ingredients, offering diners three types of soup to choose from; the White Bar spicy soup, black soup and tom yum soup, each set coming with two sauces, ponsu and Guangdong.

“Our plates are very small portioned, but you can order as many as you want,” explained Im. “We want to make sure that we are always serving fresh food.”

In the future White Bar Shabu hopes to add seasonal specials such as vegan options for lent or Szechuan pepper soup, including special premium produce.

White Bar Shabu

At  Meechok Plaza (Map – Location)

Open daily 11am-9pm (Kitchen closed 8.30pm)

Tel. 084 151 5135, 094 618 4848

Facebook: whitebarshabu