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Jia Thong Heng


Chiang Mai’s most famous Chinese restaurant has been open for 62 years, starting from a tiny little shop in Nawarat Market.

It’s latest branch is in One Nimman and has a completely different look, being modern and classy, fitting in with the other cool kids on the block. One thing which hasn’t changed though is the food, using the exact same recipes which have been passed down through the generations.




One thing which has changed though are the portions, as this branch aims to serve smaller groups of people. Try the snow fish steamed in soy and lime, a delicious new addition to the menu. The fish is soft and light and the sauce perfectly balanced without being overpowering. We also loved the steamed dumplings with pork and frankly all the dishes are really spot on, so just order whatever tickles your fancy and you will leave satisfied.





Jia Tong Heng
One Nimman
Open daily 10am – 10pm
Line ID: @jiatongheng
Facebook: ภัตตาคารเจี่ยท้งเฮง Jia Tong Heng Restaurant