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Fashion Frenzy

It’s hard to decide whether Thai fashion is somewhatconfused or simply genius. Hearing about wacky new fashion trends around town,we decided to delve into the mysterious world of Thai fashion, which todayseems to consist of animal prints, detachable collars, and fruit headbands. Thetrends seem to align with Korea and Japan’s latest, and the young Thais arestrutting them in style (with the girls teetering on heels, of course). Whetheror not the trends are to your taste, readers, it’s time to get yourself up todate.

01. Collar On, Collar Off Scoop-neck tees? Plunging necklines? Forget about it. Wewant collars. Collars are all the rage; walk around any mall, or local market,and you’ll be able to find collars that run the gamut from sophisticated andclassy to chic and outrageous. And if your favourite tee doesn’t have a collar,you can always get a detachable one.Outfit from I Am, 51 Nimmanhaemin Road 02. Sparkle, Girl, Sparkle: Galaxy PantsSorry to tell you that those ‘90s days of baggy denims arelong gone, my old friends. Now, it’s the tighter the better – we’ve gone fromskinny jeans to jeggings (jean leggings), and now: galaxy pants. The trend isto wear skin-tight material that will show off the stars on your thighs -literally. Outfit from Naya Fashion Collection, 24/11 Nimmanhaemin Road 03. Rawr FashionGo fierce! Animal prints have always been in, but here’s thetwist: it’s not the prints, but the full-frontal experience of having a huskystaring out at you. It’s not just the big beasts that are popular – look outfor some cats, giraffes, and unicorns too!Outfit from NaNa, Soi 11 Nimmanhaemin Road 04. Highwaisted HeavenPerhaps it’s because Thais have the monopoly on tiny,barely-there waists, but for better or worse, highwaists are here to stay.Plain colours always work, but we were fascinated by all the crazy new prints,such as glaring florals, patterned cherries, and sparkles. Outfit from Ruby, Kad Suan Kaew 4th Floor