|  April 30, 2014

Food, food, glorious food!

After having reviewed hundreds of restaurants in this magazine (and online) over the past decade and a half, sacrificing my waistline in the name of writing, I have decided that we at Citylife know a thing or two about food in Chiang Mai. In fact, my efforts in sampling Chiang Mai’s restaurants have been so prodigious that I have been appointed contributing judge to Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurants since 2005, as well as Meile Guide, Asia’s fine restaurant guide, since its inception.

The relentless challenges to my palette, the overburdening of my digestive system, the emptying of my pockets – and ensuing risks for all sorts of scary diseases – surely should pay off somehow, right?

To make my sacrifices worthwhile, I am proud to present Citylife’s new baby sister: Spoon & Fork, a lip-smacking new magazine all about food, which will be launched in the middle of this month.

Spoon & Fork is a predominantly Thai publication, with English language summaries to all articles. This monthly magazine will introduce you to restaurants in Chiang Mai and beyond ranging from the silver-plated haute cuisine to our favourite som tam shack. We will interview chefs and foodies, sharing not only their recipes, but their secrets, their experiences, their passionate stories and their worlds with you. We look at healthy food, latest trends and exciting innovations. We talk to sommeliers, brewers and mixologists. We reveal tips and shortcuts in the kitchen as well as intriguing nuggets sure to turn you into kitchen deities. With pretty pictures of mouthwatering edibles, tried and tested recipes, reviews and details of the latest dining spots and our hungry team of writers and photographers chomping their way through the city, I think we are all in for a treat…we know we are!

If you want to help your favourite restaurant reach a larger clientele, if you have a unique recipe you wish to share, if you have a foodie story you think our readers will be interested in or really anything food and drink related, please feel free to get in touch with us. While we have published three editions of a book on Chiang Mai’s dining scene over the years – Citylife Chiang Mai’s Guide to Dining, Wining, Pubbing and Clubbing – as well as provided an online restaurant review section of over 500 restaurants, this is our first food magazine…and our first Thai one! As such, I would be so very grateful for any and all feedback and suggestions so that we can make sure that we will be an essential read for your monthly dining and wining needs.

So, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Spoon & Fork at any of the 300 plus delivery outlets throughout the city as of the middle of May.

Bon appétit.

Citylife this month:

Some rather weighty pieces this month, thanks to marvellous interns looking to tackle serious matters. Cody Gohl looks into the effectiveness of organisations working in the field of human trafficking and pens a swan song to the death of fabulous mid-20th century standalone cinemas here in Thailand. Nicolas Gantois explores the wonderful world of growing up as an expat kid while Adrian Fleur looks to the other end of the life spectrum, exploring retirement home options for elderly expatriates. Hilary Cadigan has a bit more fun, taking time off work to visit a tree house and sharing her newfound knowledge on the fascinating and little known creature – the firefly.