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City7: Late Night Eats

Late Night Eats

Got munchies? Never fear, we may not be a city that never sleeps, but there are always places you can find for late night nosh.

01 Jok Somphet

This bright yellow eatery near the north gate is open 24 hours a day, and serves up a variety of fabulous hangover-fighters, from the signature jok (a tasty Cantonese porridge) to the delicious basil chicken. 

Sriphum Road, near North Gate Jazz

053 212 844

02 Zoe in Yellow

Even if buckets and backpackers aren’t your scene, it can’t be denied that the Zoe in Yellow corner boasts some of the best late night nosh in town. Check out the nameless burger cart out front, the Tacos Bell cart next to it, and the fabulous Turkish kebabs and sandwiches just inside. 

03 Som Tam Priew Pak

This is, quite simply, a papaya salad shop for those who like to eat late (open from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. nightly). Try the signature pickled horse crab salad, served with zesty sauce and fresh vegetables for 109 baht.

Tewan Road, Santitham, Chang Phuak

089 267 6265

04 7-Eleven

No one’s claiming gourmet status here, but it’s open all the time and you can’t throw a rock in Thailand without hitting one, and that’s what we call dependability. Plus, those heatable toasties in their perfect little cardboard containers are damn tasty!

05 Mike’s Burgers

Love it or hate it, this old standby is open until 3 a.m. nightly and serves its purpose when you’re looking for a greasy, late-night fix with several prime locations. Pop onto an American-style diner stool and munch on a pork or chicken burger with fries and a drink for just 85 baht.

06 Midnight Chicken (Kampaengdin) 

After midnight only, this standby is a bastion for basic, cheap and deliciously deep fried chicken, batter fried pork and a frightening assortment of offal alongside boiled eggs and veggies, chilli dips and sticky rice. Get your munchies on! But there will be queues…

Intersection of Sri Donchai and Kamphangdin Road, off Chang Khlan

053 206 229

07 Kanom Jeen Sanpakoi  

Served out of large steaming pots, a wide selection of kanom jeen is dished out for the hungry heading home brigade in the wee hours of the night.  These are Thai flavours, so expect some punch with your sauces! Located in the Thong Come Market near Sanpakoi.

089 192 3023