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Chef’s Secret: Nana Bakery


Nana Bakery

Chef Nicolas Delamarche and his wife Rattikarn have created a phenomenon – the weekly Nana Bakery otherwise known as Nana Jungle.

Each Saturday from the crack of dawn until mid-morning, Baan Pai Lom, a bucolic little compound surrounded by swaying bamboo groves in Chang Khian is inundated with people waiting in line to get the freshest of baked goodies as well as a plethora of homemade and healthy foods ranging from jams to pates, cheeses to smoothies.

“We had our shop in Santitam for many years,” explained Delamarche, “but we lived in Baan Pai Lom where we used to do our baking each Saturday morning for our bakery. Soon the aromas of our baked goods began to attract the neighbours who in turn told their friends and it has become what you see today where many smaller producers of homemade food come together to showcase and sell their products.”

Nana Bakery Plaza 89 is the couple’s newest venture and will become the central oven, so to speak, from where their baked goods will be disseminated throughout Chiang Mai. The pair also intend to open a breakfast zone and promise that they will maintain their high standards of balked goods and their reasonable prices.


Nana Bakery 89 Plaza branch
At 89 Plaza, Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, T. Nong Hoi
Open 7am – 7pm
Tel. 052 010 511