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Building a bridge for Love: Love For Life brings real life people together

Love For Life – Matchmaking and Dating Agency in the heart of Chiang Mai acts as the intermediary between people in search of love, helping them to connect for life. They do that by building local or intercontinental bridges, to ease the route to finding happiness.

In an ideal world, all partners that come together have a blank slate. There’s no emotional baggage of past relationships to carry around, they can start their story afresh, new. No disrupting or life changing events have happened.

The reality however paints a different picture. All of the agency’s clientele have a history and deal with it in one way or another. In many instances they wish love to happen, but often there is no way to connect, interact and meet with a suitable partner for life. And it is of great concern for many when later in life the chances to meet someone diminishes.


Here’s news for you.

Love For Life proves different. As a ‘Matchmaking and Dating Agency’ they bring people together who previously had limited ways to connect. They aim to match partners on an equal footing, to provide them with the best conditions to make a flying start.

They also provide any after service imaginable, be it Immigration, visa or retirement assistance, suitable housing and transportation, and indeed marriage arrangements. With the latest administrative rules and law bound policies at hand, they offer a choice of services.