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Boon Kho Kuso Bridge, Pai’s latest attraction

Next time you are in Pai and fancy experiencing something a little different, take half a day and drive out of town to Boon Kho Kuso Bridge located in the Thai Yai community of Pam Bok Village, Tambon Thung Yao in Pai.

Locals say that while Boon Kho Ku So Bridge is made from bamboo it is powered by faith. The project was funded by the Royal Project, the Forest Development Office, the Government Office of Pai and various government agencies in Mae Hong Son with the cooperation of Pam Bok’s villagers and the surrounding community.

The bridge, constructed in 2016, was built to allow the monks living in Huai Khai Khiri to walk to receive alms from the nearby community so that they can promote Buddhism and demonstrate the strength of the community towards Buddhism. The bridge is 813 metres long.

The bridge is becoming a popular check in spot for Instagrammers, as it cuts accross lush green paddy fields and there is even a coffee shop on site which affords fantastic views.

Rather than just walking along the bridge, why not take some extra time to visit the nearby Pam Bok Waterfall, take in the vistas from Doi Miang Viewpoint, check out Doi Thong or go for the many available hikes in the area. Homestays are available for tourists who want to stay overnight and experience the local way of life, or shop for souvenirs.

How to get there: from the Pai walking street, head to the main 1095 route to Chiang Mai, you will find the Ban Pam Bok Intersection, where you turn right. The distance is about 12 kilometres. It takes about 25 minutes from Pai.