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Editorial: June 2017

June 1, 2017

Before there is mass panic and riots on the streets; no, I have no plans to go anywhere yet. It’s just that I’ve been spending a bit of time at the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery for my main feature this month. I have also been giggling hysterically, tearing up with emotions and riveted by historical vignettes from reading some of the obituaries in De Mortius, the fascinating book of obits of expats past, soon to be in its 7th publication.

Cover Story

The rain started to ease as we reached a village perched upon a mountain’s peak near Mae Wang. As the tarmac disintegrated into a dirt road that seemed to be part-timing as a small river, we slipped and slided our way, seemingly perilously, to the Karen village that was home to our local guide, DuanJan or John. The trek was organised by Chai Lai Sisters, Thailand’s first sustainable trekking company run by indigenous Karen women who wish to raise awareness of their ways of life and the struggles they are facing as a wider community. For us it would be a challenging yet fun adventure into the jungle, but for John and many other Karen men, it would be just another day as a hunter gatherer, this time with a writer and photographer from Citylife in tow. After slinging a .22 rifle over his shou … Continued

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