Chiang Mai Breakfast World

It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; you know how it goes…eat like a king at breakfast, queen at lunch and pauper for supper. If you are a breakfast lover, you no longer need to be an earlier riser, at Chiang Mai Breakfast World, a flowery little café next to Tha Pae Gate Lodge guesthouse, they serve breakfast all day until 10 p.m. Here you can have your bacon and eggs not only the morning after a night out on the tiles, but even before the big night begins as an evening meal. You may at first be slightly overwhelmed with the huge choice of brekkie options, there are over 80, not to mention the 30 different types of jam. The restaurant, which also serves European and Thai meals, is run by a German chef, so there are many European style breakfasts on offer which contain yummy cheeses, smoked salmon, salami and sausages, oh and the bread is homemade at the adjoining bakery. Chiang Mai Breakfast World also does American and English breakfasts, pancakes, waffles, croissants, muffins and cereals.


38/7 Moon Muang Road, Soi 2 (enter from Soi 1, you can park in the temple car park until 7 p.m.)

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine German Opening Times 7am - 10pm (Sunday 7am - 2pm) 053 207 134