Romrawin Clinic

We all have something about our appearance which we are just not that pleased about. An irritating mole that does not at all look like the one the late Marilyn Monroe carried with grace, an unsightly tattoo of a former sweetheart’s name, dawning wrinkles on the bridge of the nose. We are reminded about theses small sources of irritation, whenever we see our reflection in a mirror. So why not just get rid of them once and for all? Romrawin Clinic can help you accomplish just that. Through the help of non-ablative laser, microdermabrasion, phonophoresis and other new and unpronounceable innovative minor measures, your skin is rejuvenated and smoothened. If the minor procedures are not sufficient to give you the result that pleases, the expert team at Romawin also offers you cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, liposuction, and chin augmentation. Whatever your needs are, when it comes to personal appearance improvement, Romrawin Clinic promises to deliver.


205 Mahidol, Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Mai District

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