On Cloud Nine

If you can imagine fluffy clouds of cotton candy and soft milk pastel drinks, then you can start to get what this dessert café is like on the inside. Pink walls enclose this fluffy — friendly café filled with sweet treats that would cause your dentist to faint. Special little boxes house a pot of ice cream with a spoon and fruit on the side and their cakes are spongy and soft topped with a pastel tone rainbow of soft butter icing. Their drinks are no different, with rainbow themes throughout, some of which are topped with a big hug of candyfloss… just because. Soft neon signs hang from the walls with phrases like ‘today is a fluffy day’. Minimalistic baby chic is the best definition we can come up with, but best to just try it for yourselves.

11am – 10pm
5 Nimmanhaemin Soi 9
Facebook: Oncloudnineofficial
065 478 0688


5 Nimmanhaemin Soi 9

Cuisine Sweet Opening Times 11am – 10pm 065 478 0688