Lung Daeng Fish Ball Noodles

One of Citylife’s favourite phrases, oodles of noodles, is perfect for Lung Daeng, who serves up a vast array of noodles and a range of soup flavours to dedicated patrons each and every day. Pork stewed for over eight hours give each of his stocks a depth and power that is smooth and addictive. His tom yum soup with pork is full of spices and the sour tart flavours of the traditional dish explodes in the mouth. His signature dish, yen ta fo, is his fish and shrimp ball noodles served with pink flat noodles that bring a colour and taste to the soup that is unmatched. Each bowl is prepared by home cooked stocks and ingredients, a place perfect for noodle lovers citywide.


Somnuek Place, 104/22 Nong Hoi

Category Street Vendor Cuisine Noodles Opening Times 9am – 8pm (closed every 1st and 16th of the month) 062 0701155