Felice Chiang Mai

Seven Kilometres south of the Nong Hoi Intersection is a huge warehouse building filled to the brim with an unbelievable range of imported second hand clothes, wardrobes, crockery, golf clubs, unicycles; you name it, they have it! Sourced from old markets, out dated stock and charity shops in Japan, Felice gets up to two large containers from Japan a week and always has something new to take your fancy, as long as some other eager soul has not grabbed it first! Dive into their second floor clothing pile; a mountain of clothes, rugs, blankets and even skiing suits is just waiting for a new wardrobe to fill – measured at just over 200 baht a kilogram, you can snap up some bargains for sure!


90/6 Old Chiang Mai – Lamphun Road, Saraphee

Category Antiques, Home, Markets Opening Times 9am – 6pm 095 9503084