El Diablo’s Burritos

El Diablo’s is a small cosy venue, nicely decorated – photos on the walls, all with a Burmese slant. With challenging phrases such as ‘big and fat’ and ‘large portions’ advertising their burritos, we had to see if we could manage to get one down our necks. The burritos are as promised, big and fat and delicious, while the quesadillas, although not as filling, also hit the spot if you’re a Mexican food lover. Regular specials, such as the spicy Colorado burrito with roast peppers is recommended, as is anything with their homemade guacamole. Platters are available too for those with monster appetites and a huge plate of free nachos with salsa will also accompany your meal. Fruit shakes, soft drinks, coffee, cocktails and beers are available too. Free tortilla chips are provided as well.


48 Chaiyaphum Road (not far down from Mike's Burgers heading towards Tha Pae Gate)

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Mexican Opening Times 12pm - 12am 082 898 8531