Bear Hug Café

If you can’t bear being away from a bear, then bear with us as we introduce the barely subtle Bear Hug Café. Almost every dish is somehow decorated with a bear, be it a scoop of ice cream with chocolate eyes and ears, a silhouette of a bear in a side of coco powder or as a pancake with ears and a cute button nose. The atmosphere is cosy and inviting and despite the bear theme, they don’t cut back on making sure each dish and each drink are as delicious as anywhere else. Try the bear hug toast slathered in chocolate sauce or the New Zealand ice-cream waffles. If you prefer something more hearty, tuck into a spaghetti carbonara or a New York style burger or if you are early to rise and hungry for a breakfast, try their 125 baht western breakfast served with fresh orange juice.

Open 9am – 6pm (Closed Wednesdays)
91/1 Kotchasarn Road, Chang Klan
Facebook: Bear Hug Café
053 206 555


91/1 Kotchasarn Road, Chang Klan

Category Cafés Venue Type Cafe Opening Times 9am – 6pm 053 206 555