Ato Ai

For those of you who desire that extra special care for your skin and body, Ato Ai is the place to go to purchase organic creams, balms and soaps that treat your skin with the care it deserves. Their cosmetic creams come straight from Korea, and are a number one, go-to product in nine countries for those with sensitive skin. Try their Ato balm for soothing sores, bites and rashes, or lather up with their B-glucan bath and shampoo creams. Their products specialise for those with sensitive skin and those who are prone to rashes, dry, itchy, and flaky skin and perfect for those with allergies such as eczema. All their products are steroid free, fragrance free, non-alcoholic and are paraben free. Their store also stocks a range of organic and natural baby products, from natural sponges to cotton diapers; healthy baby food packets to toothpaste.


G floor, Central Airport Plaza, near Tops Supermarket

Category Health and Beauty Opening Times 11am - 9pm (10am - 9pm Saturdays and Sundays) 091 8588717