Chiang Mai has a flourishing arts scene across multiple genres, from craft to contemporary, sketches to sculptures, surrealism to street art. Many artists are based in the city and galleries displaying art of every kind are dotted throughout the city. On these pages, you will find details of current and upcoming art exhibitions and events.

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The paintable live series [digital painting workshops]
Free online class
Heritage for all
Architecture, fine arts, buildings, archaeological sites from artists,
Kidthueng and Phookpan, a family affair
Art exhibition by Kidthueng Sangthong , Phookpan Chairat
Visual Anecdotes
Art exhibition opening at Baan Tuek Art Centre
Prem’s IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition
at the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center 1-10 April
Visual art thesis exhibition 2021 RMUT
Exhibition by undergraduate student from The Department of Visual Art
Mother strength
1st solo exhibition by Nutcha Suksumret
Haze boundary
Art exhibition by HazeBoundary.Lab