Toey Dimsum

Attention all dim sum lovers! It’s time to try out the newest dim sum restaurant in town, packed with a range of Chinese and Thai influenced dim sum pieces that are steamy, aromatic and delicious. Crispy fried shrimps, bacon and minced shrimps, vegetables, fish balls, mussels from New Zealand and much more! Stuffed in buns, resting on a bed of dough or fried and ready to dip! They even have some sweeter options like steamed taro and custard cream buns. For those with a healthy diet, don’t fear, try the bua loy namkhing, crushed black sesame dumplings in hot ginger tea. All the recipes were invented more than 20 years ago, so expect traditional flavours with a modern presentation.



165/ 17/2-3 Kamphaengdin Road

Category Restaurant Cuisine Chinese, Fusion 087 8129440