Starting life as a vet, then a drummer in a few popular bars around the city, the owner of Siamlor has now turned his focus towards noodles of a very unique kind. Think Chinese noodles with Lanna flavours, think green curry noodle soup, think cheese toppings…strange but surprisingly delicious. With more than 10 menu items to choose from, this strange fusion noodle shop attracts people from far and wide, promising curious flavours and freshly made food every day. Try the Thai spicy soup with cheese or the northern nam prik ong noodles (a kind of northern Thai style tomato relish) or the soothing calm notes of a green curry served with green egg noodles. Finish off the meal with their signature Kung Fu drink-dessert, a glass filled with coffee ice cubes topped with whipped cream, perfect for the summer months. Prices are also very reasonable so it’s a perfect place for lunch but make sure you get there quick as when it’s gone it’s gone.


97/13 Rattanakosin Road, Wat Gate
(opposite the San Gu Lek Cemetery)

Category Restaurant Cuisine Fusion, Northern Opening Times 10am - 5pm 081 7833375