When Shabugu first opened ten years ago, we residents of Chiang Mai were still shabu novices, never before having experienced. Ten years on, and it appears that Patapong and Phakkarada’s gamble proved correct, as the city is today crowded with popular shabu restaurants.

At Shabugu, the owners decided early on to focus on quality; premium proteins and vegetables from Thai farmers, meats from farms which meet high standards of hygiene and care for animals, organic vegetables and daily fresh and homemade soup.

There are a total of five styles of soup – black suki, original, Japanese curry, Chinese herbs and tom yum kung.

Now in its second decade, the owners are continuing to prove their industry leadership, offering pairing options and advice concerning drinks; kurobuta pork, for instance, goes perfectly with Korean soju while red wine complements the pebbled slithers of beef. As experts in all things hot pots, the couple promises constant innovation and say that soon they may have some specifically Lanna flavours to add to their Japanese classic.

Having grown and succeeded with the support of the community, they believe in giving back and offer scholarships to students as well as supporting sports programmes at schools. If anyone is interested in a scholarship, please feel free to reach out.

The Room branch (behind Big C Extra)  (Google Map)
Tel. 053 245 554

Nim City Daily branch  (Google Map) 
Tel. 053 270 978
Open 11am – 9pm
Facebook: shabugu


The Room branch (behind Big C Extra)
Nim City Daily branch

Venue Type Restaurant