Salad Terrace

Salad Terrace plates up hearty and healthy salads against succulent partners such as olive oil grilled fish or breaded cheddar cheese Tonkatsu pork cutlet.  The owner grows his own ingredients using a clean, nutritious hydroponic method. Each plate of salad at Salad Terrace provides half of your daily allowance of greens, providing you can eat it all! Salad Terrace makes their own frozen yoghurt in green tea and passion fruit and vanilla flavour, which come served with a grilled roti and a choice of honey, chocolate or strawberry sauce. This cute little restaurant has chilled air con and free Wifi and does coffees, smoothies and fresh juices. To get there, take Chang Puak Road, head down soi six and the restaurant is on the left opposite Wat Kutao.


27 Kutao Road, Sriphum, next to Puri Piman Apartments

Category Restaurants Cuisine Salad Opening Times Open daily 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. 083 570 3954