Rasta Mama Bakery

You can’t beat a slice of homemade cake to go with your afternoon cuppa. Charlotte, otherwise known as Rasta Mama, is the other half of the Rasta Couple (Rasta Papa being the owner of Rasta Café on Charoenprathet Road). She is a skilled baker with a top-notch home delivery service. Grab one of her brochures to find all sorts of interesting goodies such as honey and vanilla cookies (a Swedish classic with a twist), three-type chocolate cake with ganache, chocolate meringue pie, orange and whiskey cookies with chocolate chips and apple cinnamon cake. Customer favourites include the gooey passion fruit cake, jam finger print cookies and sticky chocolate cake. Rasta Mama can even tailor-make cakes to individual tastes and diets, including gluten, paleo or wheat-free with low sugar or fat. And it’s not only cakes and cookies for sale; Rasta Mama Bakery produces its own fruit jams from homegrown produce, including passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple. Contact Rasta Mama for birthday and occasion cakes, tea parties and gifts. Minimum order 300 baht.


Online/Home delivery, Rasta Cafe (behind Night bazaar, next to the Iron Bridge)

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