After spending over 10 years in Laos, the owner of PaKhao and his family moved to Chiang Mai to open the city’s first Lao-Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant, with high-end tastes and presentation at reasonable prices everyone can enjoy. With classic Laotian dishes such as spicy jack fruit salad pounded with fermented fish in a mortar or a frog jungle herb soup, expect to go off the beaten track with some of these dishes, presented stunningly on the plate. Other more fusion dishes include grilled pork served with a shot of tequila or a choice of lobster or Alaskan king crab grilled in garlic and chili, … or …/ Enjoy old flavours with a twist, just minutes from Nimmanhaemin Road.



15 Taewarit Road, Chang Puak

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Fusion Entertainment Type General Shopping Venue Type Food Opening Times Open 10am- 10pm (Closed Mondays) 052 005 464