Meena Rice Based Cuisine

Gimmicks can side-line a restaurant into irrelevancy or, if done with thought, creativity and consistency, can propel a restaurant into something great. We think that Meena, with its ‘All Things Rice’ hook is genius. Old fashioned wooden rice barns, adorable pots of rice seedlings and old rice accoutrements as décor and a simple home grown atmosphere is just the backdrop to its unique menu. Thirsty? Try the rice berry herbal drink made from rice water. Still not cooled off? Nibble on their rice ice cubes served in pandan rice berry juice. Your rice will be served in a kaleidoscopic presentation of five coloured rice – all natural of course – and make sure you order the deep fried shrimps in sticky rice batter, the baked ribs with rice berries, the delightful oatmeal pork lab as well as the extra-portion-for-doggy-bag-please yam sticky mountain corn.


Ban Mon, Soi 11 Sankampaeng

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Thai Opening Times 10am-5pm Closed on Wednesdays 087 1770523