Kao Hotel

Simple, streamlined, affordable hotels are big business these days. Check out this newest edition to the city, Kao hotel, named after its owner. Kao hotel is a no-frills hotel with no swimming pool, room service or the other add-ons that generally push the price up. For a seriously reasonable 499 baht per night for a standard room, you can check in around the clock into a cool, modern, clean and super convenient hotel room. To be fair, in a city like Chiang Mai where every street is lined with fantastic food and service is our national middle name, why pay a fortune for a night in a room you will likely not even spend that much time in. Simply walk out to get your laundry, concierge services and other stuff needing done and save your money on the really good stuff!


3/3 Sirithorn Road, Chang Puak

Category Family 053 216390 / 095 6856328