Jood 3 Jood

This Korean bingsu-style shaved ice café is turning heads in Chiang Mai due to its massive servings that even a party of 10 could struggle finishing. Although not exactly bingsu (they use flavoured shaved ice instead of milk ice) the feel and taste is almost identical. You can choose from many portion sizes but the most iconic is their party platter that comes with two huge mounds of flavoured ice and is surrounded by tens of toppings, such as melon, watermelon, banana, cookies, marshmallows, Oreos, cereals, balls of ice cream, whipped cream, honey and chocolate, caramel and green tea sauces. The idea is you decorate your own shaved ice mountain before you tuck in. For those looking for a bit of savoury they also serve up snacks such as chicken wings and cheesy Mama noodles that can be washed down by a drink of tea, coffee or if you so desire, a bright pastel blue ‘unicorn drink’ that is topped with rainbow marshmallows, a small bear cookie and copious amounts of whipped cream.

Open 11am – 8pm
179/1 Prapokklao Road, Sri Phum
Facebook: Jood3JoodCNX
082 495 5665


179/1 Prapokklao Road, Sri Phum

Venue Type Cafe Cuisine Ice Cream, Sweet Opening Times 11am – 8pm 082 495 5665