Four Heavens Cafe & Bistro

What happens when the two owners don’t share a passion? They combine them! At Four Heavens, one owner is obsessed with cycling and another with cooking, hence this conceptual cafe and bistro dedicated to the love of cycling. Modern decor with intriguing objets d’art made from bicycle parts, the cafe serves many signature dishes, both savoury and sweet as well as featuring a bicycle shop selling all sorts of cool bike stuff. Come to get your bicycle cared for with their maintenance and full service facilities, or to bling it up with some sweet new toys, while enjoying a steamy cup of coffee in the cool air coned interior, or the lush green garden.


555/107 Moo 2, Fifth Avenue

Category Cafés Cuisine Bakery Opening Times 9.30am – 8pm (closed on Wednesdays) 084 888 4840