Brown Rice Organic Bistro

Thai cookbook extraordinaire Chef Duang’s open-air eatery features a large organic herb garden in the back, where diners can sit amidst the flora and munch on a variety of delectable meat-and-MSG-free dishes, including the famous herbal Thai salad, drizzled with what may be the most delicious salad dressing in Chiang Mai – a concoction of coconut cream, sesame oil, roasted peanuts, and homemade tamarind sauce. Everything here is made from scratch, including the bread, cakes, muesli, yogurt, and fresh fruit juices. Sip on a rare blend of gac fruit and pineapple or the addictive hangover buster known as G.O.D., made from chlorophyll, coconut water and honey. Want to learn his secrets? Stay tuned. Chef Duang has recently teamed up with a local expat to publish his very first English-language cookbook. P.S. Anyone who arrives at Brown Rice on a bicycle gets 10% off for being green!


85/5 Samlarn road, Phra Singha

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Fusion, Vegetarian Opening Times 11am – 9pm (closed Wednesdays) 086 9188428