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No Floods this Year, says Mayor

August 10, 2012

CityNews – Chiang Mai’s MPs and the Lord Mayor, Tassanai Buranupakorn ventured out to the river this morning, 10th August, to inspect flood prevention preparations. 

A total of 10 locations within the municipal district were inspected to build assurance to residents that the municipality is following the government directives in preventing a flood this year. In 2011 Thailand’s central region was inundated and Chiang Mai, being the source of many of the rivers, needs to do its bit to make sure this doesn’t happen again this year.

Sandbags have been placed, concrete walls erected and weak points protected. The areas with potential flooding include Kawila Monument, Chiang Mai-Lamphun Bus Queue near Nawarat Bridge, Behind the Juvenile Court, Chiang Mai Municipality, Lung Meun Soi in the Muslim Community Area, The Soap Factory in the Muslim Community Area, behind Montfort, The Waste Factory 9, Fa Ham Bridge and in front of Wang Singh Kham Ice factory next to Rattanakosin Bridge.

The mayor says that all these key points have been protected. He also told CityNews yesterday that he was confident that while there may be short term flooding for an hour or two while water naturally drains, he does not think that Chiang Mai will experience a destructive flood this year due to measures already taken. “It is natural for water to sit for a few hours while it drains, but I am confident we will be flood-free this year.”

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