Sunday 19 September 2021
The temperature Now
current weather icon Few Clouds
is 25°C
Updated: 2021-09-19 00:27:42
  • The temperature at
    forecast weather icon Few Clouds
    will be 25°C
  • The temperature at
    forecast weather icon Scattered Clouds
    will be 24°C
  • The temperature at
    forecast weather icon Broken Clouds
    will be 24°C
  • Pollution level in Chiang Mai is
    n95 mask Moderate
    PM 2.5 Index AQI 52
    Updated: 2021-09-18T17:00:00.000Z
    Air Quality Index
Chiang Mai
We have been asked by the owner of Novelty Café in Luang Prabang who has recently moved to Chiang Mai to help find her dog George. This is her
According to the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office, Chiang Mai Province has begun sending out appointment notifications for Pfizer vaccines to non-Thai citizens residing in Chiang Mai who registered for a vaccine and are over 60, have pre-existing conditions, or are more than 12 weeks pregnant.  You may receive the notification via phone call, email, or SMS text message. The notification

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