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Money Raised for Prostheses Foundation

April 10, 2012

CityNews – Following a Charity Concert at The Four Seasons Resort, 100,000 baht was donated to the Prostheses Foundation. Ass. Prof. Therdchai Jivacate, M.D. Secretary general of the foundation, showed The Four Seasons General Manager Titiya Chooto and some of her staff, along with staff from Citylife and CityNews, around the establishment.

The Prosthesis Foundation was established in 1992 with the intention to improve the lives of amputees. The foundation is headed by prosthesis expert Dr. Therdchai Jivacate and is under patronage by the princess mother, the foundation survives only on donations and is not funded by the government. The foundation is truly one of a kind, it is the main centre for the designing, production and fitting of prosthetics in the country. In the near future the foundation plans to open several more clinics some of which will be in the Southern most provinces of Thailand, where there are many amputee victims from terrorist bomb attacks.  

The main work of the foundation is to produce artificial legs free of charge for amputees so that they can have a better quality of life and be more mobile. The prosthetic legs are made from plastic and aluminum. The foundation is groundbreaking in the fact that after previously importing expensive material and machinery from abroad they now economically produce their own machines and even create their own materials using recycled items such as Yakult bottles and drinks can ring pulls. The foundation also repair legs if they are broken or damaged.

Unlike provincial government hospitals where amputees would have to present ID documents and a doctors referral to have a prosthetic fitted, the foundation does not require any documentation to aid amputees. Dr. Therdchai Jivacate told us “All they need to do is come in and roll their trousers up.” Therefore many people without official documentation such as Burmese and Shan migrants are able to be taken care of by the foundation. 

And it’s not only humans that can be helped; the foundation has made prosthesis for elephants, horses, dogs, and believe it or not birds.

The foundation is advanced in research, development and innovation for the production of better artificial legs. Many of the employees are themselves amputees, and as Dr. Therdchai Jivacate advises us they have all come in very useful as guinea pigs for testing out new designs.

The foundation offers free workshops and accommodation to train others about the making of prosthesis. The foundation has headed projects in other countries including Burundi and Senegal, Africa and Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Similarly to Thailand, people in these countries cannot afford expensive prosthesis so these workshops are indispensible to communities. People in each country were taught how to make quality and inexpensive and prosthesis by themselves.

The main reason for the loss of legs in Thailand is road accidents other reasons include diabetes, landmines, birth defects, bombs and other accidents. In other countries landmines and natural disasters such as tsunami were other causes for the loss of limbs.

If you want to support this impressive and dynamic foundation, you can donate money by credit card, cheque, in person or via the post office. You can also help by collecting aluminum drinks bottle or can lids and ring pulls and women’s tights and donating them directly to the foundation, plastic drinks bottles are no longer required. Perhaps you can even set up a collection base at your organisation, school or office.

Visitors are welcome to visit the foundation. The major office is in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai and the other office is in Bangkok at Department of Medical Sciences Building beside Hua Chiew Hospital.

If you would like more information or would like to make a donation or volunteer please contact:

Chiang Mai Prostheses Foundation of  H.R.H. The Princess Mother

199  Moo.4  Donkaew Maerim District, Chiang Mai, 50180

053 112 2713.


Bangkok Prostheses Foundation of  H.R.H. The Princess Mother

Department of  Medical Sciences Building (beside Hua Chiew Hospital)                 

693  Bomrungmuang Road, Pubplachai District, Pomprasatthupai, Bangkok ,10100

You can find out even more interesting information about the foundation here.