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Chiang Mai Municipality Introduces Fire and Earthquake Drills and Learning Programmes for Local Schools

June 18, 2012

CityNews – The Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai, Soonthorn Yaamsiri, has started an initiative to have fire and earthquake drills, firstly at Wat Sri Don Chai District’s Community School, and later at more schools in Chiang Mai.

Fire drill at Wat Sri Don Chai District’s Community School

They hope to provide knowledge and understanding about evacuations in the event of an earthquake, and students will also learn how to use tools to prevent and suppress fires.

The Deputy Mayor explained that because earthquakes cannot be foreseen, students must be ready when one occurs. This is the reason he said why the Chiang Mai Municipality began these training plans. With the cooperation of officials from the Disaster Prevention Center of Chiang Mai and several hospital staff from hospitals all around Chiang Mai, training programmes are more efficient than they were in the past.


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