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19 Year-Old Man Arrested for Robbing Three Seven Elevens and LPG Gas Stations with a BB Gun

October 24, 2012

CityNews – A young man has been arrested for robberies in Chiang Mai in which he used to gun to threaten staff and take goods and money from the convenience store 7-11 and a gas station.

On 24th October, 11 a.m. Police Region 5 with Mae Ping Police Station held a press conference after they arrested Banharn Lungtun (19) who was accused of robbing three 7-11s and one LPG gas station.

Police said that after they received reports in October that different 7-11s had been robbed they started an investigation. On 23rd October, around 1 a.m. they picked the accused up at an internet café near Rajabhat Chiang Mai University. He confessed that on 7th October he robbed the Seven Eleven, Ban Seesan branch at 2.40 a.m. On 13th the Sri Ping Muang branch at 4.54 a.m. On 19th October the Sri Bau Nguen branch at 2.40 a.m. and on 18th October an LPG gas station, Mahidol Road branch at 1.40 a.m.

Banharn always used a BB gun and always wore a crash helmet during robberies. When he arrived at the shops he threatened staff with the gun and demanded they open the cash drawer. He told police he spent the money he stole to play games at internet cafés and buy some belongings.

Police also found that there was a warrant out for this arrest for stealing that had been issued by Sansai Police Station in 2010.