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AK 47s Used in Attempted Bank Heist

July 3, 2012

CityNews – A group of men armed with assault rifles attempted to rob the Krungthai Bank in the Viengheng of Chiang Mai Province on July 2nd.

An AK 47

At approximately 1.45 p.m. an unidentified group of men opened fire on one of the bank’s security vans but the driver of the van managed to get away.

Lt.Gen. Sombut Supapa, of the Chiang Mai General Staff Division, has ordered a man hunt. He told the press that he suspected minority groups that live on the border of Thailand and Burma.

Police found a trail of AK rifle spent ammunition on the floor and also bullets that had entered the van through the windscreen.

Police told the press said that several similar incidents had happened in the past in the rural part of the province. They said that because the area is mostly jungle the robbers can easily hide and make their way into Burma.


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